Samsung Solar Powered Internet Schools (SPIS) in Africa

Did you know that Samsung has its own solar-powered internet schools (SPIS) worldwide? Yes this is true! According to the latest tech news I have research they have opened more than 1,000 smart schools that utilize the company’s technology such as smartphones, e-boards, and education software to teach kids and teenagers.

The SPIS units come completely self-contained with solar generators and even wireless communication, as long as there is sunlight, satellite signal and cellular network they can have unlimited access to technology, communication and information.


This program by Samsung has started way back 2011 when the first SPIS unit was built and it continuously grows across 15 countries in Africa. The solar-powered school came through their mind because generally, less than 25% of rural areas in Africa had access to electricity so meaning the rest doesn’t have or even if they have; it is not stable compared to other areas. That’s how the Solar Powered Internet School (SPIS) was developed. samsung-solar-powered-school

These SPIS by Samsung were recently showcased at the UNESCO World Education Forum 2015 in South Korea, and I’m very sure many people are inspired and touched on this program by the company as they were able to help a huge number of people in Africa.

The people behind these Solar Powered Internet Schools are really genius as we know that such technology will thrive in Africa considering the amount of sunlight they get throughout the day. Lastly, there is an ongoing walkathon with goals to raise support to build more SPIS units in other countries.

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