Samsung S9110 Watchphone


Samsung has recently announced its latest gadget, the Samsung S9110 Watchphone. This latest technology has a scratch-resistant glass covers a 1.7″ touchscreen, dual-band (900/1800 MHz) GSM radio, music player, Bluetooth, a voice recognition technology, 630mAh battery, and the ability to sync with Outlook.  Unfortunately there’s no 3G or Wi-Fi, and there’s only 40MB of internal memory and no mention of a MicroSD card slot, so the S9110 won’t be storing hundreds of songs, and doesn’t have the capacity to browse the net or make video calls.

At just 11.98 mm, it’s reportedly the world’s thinnest watch phone, and it is also cheaper than the LG Watchphone, although it is still going to be quite expensive at 450 Euros, about $640. The Samsung S9110 Watchphone will be available in France later this month.

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