Samsung Radiant 360 R1, R3, R5, R7 Wireless Speaker

Samsung Radiant 360 WIFI Speaker Series


Samsung has unveiled its newest technology in the form of Samsung Radiant 360 Wireless Speakers with different models including R1, R3, R5, and R7. These elegant-looking wireless speaker comes with premium features that every audiophile will surely love. This speaker was first unveiled at this year’s CES 2015 in Las Vegas together with the Samsung flagship smartphones.

The Samsung Radiant 360 speakers are compact wireless speakers, yet have a powerful audio output. The company created these speakers with a goal of delivering ‘vibrant and rich audio experience with balanced room-filling sound’ compared to the one way audio produce by an ordinary wireless or Bluetooth speaker.

The new line-up utilized the ring radiator technology with a conical-shaped speaker enclosure, resulting to emit the sound evenly in the room in a 360-degree pattern. In addition, this speaker system can also connect wireless to Samsung TV’s and Soundbar. In fact,  the company will also launch its new line up of curved soundbars.

Jim Kiczek, Vice President of Samsung Electronics America Audio Group explained :

The way people listen to music has changed to a more social and shared experience. Consumers no longer sit in between a pair of stereo speakers to enjoy their music, but prefer the music move with them wherever they go,” said “Our new Radiant360 speakers can be placed anywhere in a room to bring the sweet spot wherever listeners are as they are moving about the home.

In addition, these powerful speakers will have a companion application that you can install to your smartphone devices, both iOS and Android devices are fully compatible and it lets you manage your audio files wirelessly using the available network.

According to the information available online, the new Samsung radiant speakers will be priced at $199 for the R1, $299 for the R3, $399 for the R5, and $500 for the R7 WIFI speakers.

In my own opinion, this speaker’s new technology will save you time and effort unlike setting up a 5.1 channel speakers where you need to place all of the speakers on their perfect spot to get the surround sound that you want.


For more information regarding the Radiant 360 R1, R3, R5 and R7 wireless speakers, jump through Samsung Radiant 360 WIFI Speakers.

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