Samsung Pay Access Denied on Rooted Galaxy S6 Users


A few days ago, I’ve posted about the beta testing phase of Samsung Pay in South Korea where in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge users will be able to try the newest digital payment service by the company to compete with other digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Amex Express checkout and many more.

Today, our latest news about this digital payment service is that users who have rooted their Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphone will experience some problem with error message such as “access denied, Samsung has been locked due to unauthorized modification, Call customer service”. Well, the possible reason maybe because the company thinks that once you have global access to your device it could be compromise by 3rd party applications that was installed in your device.

A one good example is when you have installed a game or application that you have downloaded somewhere else contain a key logger, of course you can expect that every important user credentials in your smartphone can be access by the one who developed that app and imagine when you’re putting your information into Samsung Pay for the first time and he can use this to gain access as well when you are not using it.

Yes we all know that there are several benefits of rooting your Android smartphone, but if you really want to use Samsung digital payment, then I guess you have no choice at the moment where you need to sacrifice your rooted smartphone and restore it back to its original state.

As of now, there is no information if the company will allow rooter smartphones to user their service in the future, but I’ll keep you posted about this topic as services like these nowadays are really handy, imagine you can easily pay, contactless by just using your smartphone instead of cash or credit card/debit card with the help of NFC chips and fingerprint sensor for authentication of your transaction.

Like me personally. I will choose to unroot my smartphone to use it as digital wallet rather to have a 100% customizable smartphone that is just fancy, with battery draining issue.

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