Samsung Latest Curved Monitors Unveiled


Samsung has unveiled its newest line-up of curved monitors that come in range of sizes from 23.5 inches to 31.5 inches. Samsung is a well-known company that creates gadgets particularly smartphones with curved displays and also curved monitors. Their newest lineup includes the following curved monitors.

The first model is the Samsung SE510c which is available in 23.5 inches and 27 inches, while the second curved monitor will be the Samsung SE591C which is available in 27 inch display only. SE510C and SE591C will feature a 4,000R radius curvature

The third curved monitor will be the Samsung SE590C which is available in 31.5 inch display. The SE590C monitor has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. Lastly, the Samsung SE790C which has a 29 inch display featuring 21:9 aspect ratio and a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. The SE790C and SE590C comes with a 3,000R curvature which according to Samsung, is the best-in-class.


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