Samsung Galaxy Round – Curved Display Information


Samsung has recently announced its newest addition to its galaxy series, but this time a smartphone with curved OLED screen called Galaxy Round. The device has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen identical to the Galaxy Note 3, but there’s a difference — it curves on the vertical axis in a similar fashion to some of Samsung’s OLED TVs. Aside from its latest display technology or screen, the Galaxy Round has an impressive specifications. It is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM and runs Android 4.3. The Samsung Round weighs only 154g and its 7.9mm thick and will be using a 2800mAh battery.

Samsung latest display technology also has a new feature called “Round Interaction,” which allows you to look at information such as missed calls, battery life, and the date and time when you tilt it on a flat surface with the screen off. Samsung also claims that switching between home screens will feel like one continuous transition, and has worked on new tilt- and tap-based interactions for the music and photos apps.

New information about curved displays are explained from Raymond Soneira’s website, who is one of the few authorities on display technology, image quality, and color calibration. The curvature actually causes a series of optical effects that result in improved contrast, color accuracy, readability, and overall image quality — especially under ambient light that usually makes smartphone screens almost unreadable, such as daylight or fluorescent office lighting.

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