Samsung 32GB DDR3 RAM


Samsung has unveiled the fastest RDIMM (Registered dual inline memory module) running on the world, the 32 GB DDR3 RAM module. This latest technology from Samsung are 20% faster than their previous 1.5-volt DDR3 modules. The new 32 GB memory module operates under 1.35 volts.

The DDR3 memory modules are actually designed for server and high end desktop. The new RDIMM incorporates 72 dedicated DDR3 chip, each with 4Gb memory configuration. This design has been made possible due to the 50nm class DRAM process technology that is capable of packing everything into a QDP (Quad-die package) on both sides of the module. This package is expected to offer servers, the best performance when running with mainstream processor.

Sad to say this memory modules are not yet been release. So we need to wait until Samsung has decided to release these 32 GB RAM. Since the RDIMM is specifically designed to be use on enterprise, workstations, servers and high end desktops – the price is expected to be expensive.

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