Roccat Skeltr Gaming Keyboard with Smartphone Integration



Roccat has announced its latest gaming keyboard, the Roccat Skeltr. What’s unique about Skeltr is that – it has a docking station for your smartphone located in the upper left of the gaming keyboard and it actually integrates your device to the keyboard adding extra functionality using a companion application.

Roccat promises it works with every smartphone. You can connect your device via Bluetooth and your phone becomes a second screen, displaying PC data and even lets users type on their smartphone via their full keyboard, sounds really cool isn’t? Skeltr will also feature RGB illumination, no ghosting, and will use most functions that Roccat has provided in its other keyboards on the market.

“We also believe being able to use your keyboard to communicate on your smartphone is a no-brainer feature ROCCAT fans will deeply appreciate. Our designers worked very hard to make these integrative experiences that gamers can use second nature, without distraction,” Korte said.

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