Reserve Strap is an Extra Battery Pack for Apple Watch


I’m sure lots of Apple fans are very excited for the release of its newest Apple Watch, but for the mean time while waiting for an update you can check this unique strap for the upcoming smartwatch of apple called Reserve Strap.

This strap works as a powerbank or extra battery pack to give the Apple Watch extra juice when it run out of battery because most Apple product users feels that less than a day of usage of their Apple smartwatch is not enough. But according to the latest news, Apple’s newest wearable gadget is said to lasts for a whole day which means there is really an improvement on their gadget.

According to Reserve Strap creators, the strap will have enough battery to charge the Apple Watch at least once over. For those of you who are interested with the Reserve Strap, you can pre-order the strap on their website for $250.

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