Razer to Incorporate Intel RealSense Technology in Gaming


According to the latest gaming news, Razer is working on a device that will enable motion-tracking to its gaming platform using Intel RealSense Technology.

Razer is a popular brand name in the gaming industry and they have created different kinds of gaming peripherals such as gaming mouse, gaming pad, gaming controller, gaming keyboard, and gaming headset that is widely used by games around the world.

The reason behind the success of the company is because of the quality of their gadgets, cool features and premium designs that every gamer surely love.

Going back to our main topic which is motion tracking that we all know Is the technology utilized by other gaming companies such as Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii using their own controllers, and owned sensors.

If you have already experience playing interactive gaming from the consoles mentioned above, I’m very sure that you will agree that this kind of gaming experience is much exciting as you will feel that you are actually on the game doing the moves, actions as you will see every movements displayed on the screen is synced to the controller or module of the gaming console.

One thing to get you more excited is the rise of the VR or virtual reality headsets which are being sold in the market, it is one of the latest gaming equipment designed for gamers to feel and see a new level of gaming experience based from the hard work of group of individuals and that’s what we called innovation for the gaming industry.

Razer is trying to explain that combining Intel RealSense Technology with virtual reality headsets can result to endless possibilities, unlocking new faces of gaming which is indeed high-tech compared to the past few years of using the same physically linked gaming consoles to your TV.

Yes there are lots of good game titles being released every month but the point is – gamers need to unlock a new level and experience a brand new gaming environment. Intel RealSense can track every motion of your head in detailed when combined with VR peripherals such as OSVR and can change the background in game as an immersive experience, imagine that possibilities, sounds cool isn’t it?

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