Razer Micro-Console “Console of the Future”


Announced at Google I/O, the Razer micro-console is a set-top box similar to Amazon’s Fire TV that can stream music, movies, use apps and play games for big screen entertainment. Razer’s micro-console is powered by Android TV and it primary goal is to provide its users a new level of gaming experience using their high definition TV on their living room. In terms of specs, right now I couldn’t find the exact details but the device will also use voice recognition and a mobile app that can be downloaded on any android powered devices to allow navigation.

Razer is a name that is very popular when it comes to high quality gaming peripherals so expect that their micro-console will also be a good product for gaming. FYI, the same engineering team who created Razer’s popular gaming equipments the Razer Blade, Razer Blade Pro, the Razer Edge gaming tablet and the PC prototype Project Christine are currently developing the micro-console. We will have to wait until later this fall for an official release of the Razer micro-console. They said it will come in an affordable price point.

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