Qualcomm’s TOQ Smartwatch


TOQ smartwatch is Qualcomm’s latest upcoming technology that will be release this coming December 2nd with a retail price of $350.  This new gadget will be powered by the same 200MHz found inside the Peblle and it will be featuring 1.55-inch(288 x 192 pixel resolution) Mirasol, a latest display technology that has low-energy consumption with an always-on screen display that make it more legible in direct sunlight. The Toq smartwatch is waterproof and can last for 3 days equipped with wireless charging. It is only compatible with Android phones and tablets and it also comes with a pair of custom stereo Bluetooth headphones. The Toq smartwatch is primarily focused on putting smartphone notifications on your wrist. It will able to communicate with Android smartphones via Bluetooth and an app that will be made available from Google Play.

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