Prynt Turns Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Style Camera


Looking for the latest printing technology? Then you might want to check this Prynt Smartphone Case. This new case has the ability to print photos instantly like a Polaroid-style camera by using its Prynt companion app.

This smartphone accessory is really cool and handy as you don’t need to move your photos to your computer or send via email for you to print out pictures. The Prynt smartphone case is bulky so it seems you will just use it when you need some instant photos and also take note that it can only hold up to 10 pieces of blank ZINK paper at a time. Prynt photo paper costs $25 for 50 sheets.

In addition, this unique smartphone case can be used on most popular Android handsets like Samsung devices and Apple’s latest iPhones. This printing technology already reached its goal on its Kickstarter project, but you can still head on over and pledge your support if you want.

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