Polk Audio’s HitMaster Speaker


For those people who always love to play music, Polk Audio has released its latest speaker known as Hit Master. Polk Audio has come up with this brand new speaker to bring your gaming experience to a new level of depth and detail. In order to celebrate the availability of HitMaster, Polk is feeling extra generous by giving away one free music game every single day until April 15. You don’t even need to buy anything at all beforehand. The Polk Audio HitMaster debuted at CES 2010 a couple of months ago, paving the way for a new category of gaming stage monitors which was specially designed for use with the latest music-based games.

Polk Audio believes that once you have tried out their HitMaster, you won’t ever go back to regular TV speakers again, especially if you play lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. HitMaster can be purchased from Polk Audio dealers as well as online with a retail price of  $99, where it comes with a single-point stereo design that comprises of a couple of 2.5″ x 5.5″ horns with two 1″ neodymium tweeters surrounding a 6.5″ woofer. If you are looking for a multi-room speaker, then you might want to check this AxiomAir multi-room sound system.

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