Pokémon Trading Card Gaming Coming to iPad

While searching for the latest updates of the game Pokémon. I’ve read that the all time favorite Pokémon game will be coming to iPad later this year but only the Trading card game version and I’m not sure if it will be free to play but one thing is for sure it is real as it was confirmed by a representative from The Pokémon Company.  I’ve been addicted to this Pokémon game when I was in high school and I was able to play the Original Yellow version, Red, Blue, Green, Crystal, Pokemon Trading Card game, Sapphire, Ruby up to the Fire Red and Green Leaf versions. I wasn’t able to play the next generation Pokémon versions as I’ve to focus on my studies so I have to quit until they launched the X and Y version which are only playable using Nintendo 3DS / DS which I wasn’t able to play because I don’t have a DS back then and I was stucked on my Gameboy Advance.


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