PhotoSuit MiLi Pro iPhone/iPod Pocket Projector


Lately we know that projectors is bigger than your computer AVR, but because of the rapid changes in the technology, palm-sized projectors emerges nowadays. Companies have designed smaller version of projectors which can be brought anywhere with ease, unlike the old ones which are really heavy and big. Thanks to the latest technology,  because they have  already designed a very portable device that can be attach with an iPhone and iPods. This is the latest PhotoSuit MiLi Pro iPhone/iPod Pocket Projector, a device where you can use for your school/business presentation.

This latest pocket projector has a stunning design with a built-in speakers integrated and a power pack for long lasting battery life of  your iPhone. Aside from that, this device is powered by LCOS technology,  a feature that can negate annoying rainbow effects  on some DLP projector. This projector has a maximum resolution of 640×480 (480p), which is really good for viewing high definition vidoes. In addition to the iPhone/iPod dock, there are inputs for both composite and VGA video, as well as an RCA audio input.

The MiLi Pro works with an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 2G and also with an iPod touch. This latest Pocket Projector will be released in September 2009.

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