PhoneJoy Play Gamepad Spotted via OLX Philippines


What is PhoneJoy Play?

PhoneJoy Play is a game controller that is designed for touchscreen smartphones, to improve and make gaming more comfortable and easier as we know that playing on touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets is not easy, especially if it’s just your first time playing with such devices.

Smartphone devices nowadays can support/play hardcore 3D games with higher demands of resources such as processor speed, GPU, and RAM because mostly released smartphones of today are powered by dual core and quad core processors to support these resource-hungry games.

But the question is do you think users will fully enjoy the game by just using the touch screen display alone? I guess not, for sure someone or majority of gamers who already experienced in playing games using a controller will be looking for alternatives how they can play the game that they want with ease using such as finding a dedicated gaming controller for smartphone, like what PhoneJoy Play.

That’s how this gaming device came to life, by using this extendable gamepad, you can turn your phone into a gaming console where user can have much easier and comfortable gaming experience on their touchscreen devices. The PhoneJoy Play can work with any touchscreen device, regardless of its screen size.

This gadget is a Kickstarter funded project that already reached their target goal because 1,108 backers pledged $69,859 to help bring this project to life.

How PhoneJoy Play Gamepad Works?

Unlike other portable game controllers, the Play is foldable, so you can easily fold it, put it in the pocket, and carry it with you at all times. It doesn’t necessary you have a smartphone to use this gadget, it can also be used as a standalone controller for PCs running Windows, OS X, or LInux.

This controller connects to your smartphone device via Bluetooth and it comes with iOS and Android app that will allow you to find compatible games. If your game isn’t compatible with this controller, the controller itself can be configured to match the touchscreen controls (Android Devices and jailbroken iOS devices only).

If you would like to pre-order this controller, you can back this Kickstarter project by pledging $60 as of now. The $50 pledges have been sold out as this project has reached its production goal of $50,000. With this pledge, you will receive a PhoneJoy Play controller as soon as it is released with extras such as stretch rewards, wallpapers and color picks.


PhoneJoy Play Game Controller Review

You can watch a hands-on review on this gadget by checking the video below. Full credit to the owner of this video entitled “PhoneJoy Quick Review Android Bluetooth Game Controller”

PhoneJoy Price and Availability

This gaming controller for smartphone and tablet is available worldwide and can be purchased online using the widgets below.

  [amazonjs asin=”B00M9ZVNK0″ locale=”US” title=”Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iCade (Advanced Package, WHITE)”]

As of April 19, 2015 I’ve seen  an advertisement via OLX Philippines where a member is selling his brandnew PhoneJoy Play gamepad for 3,000 pesos, less 1,000 pesos on the item’s original price.

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