Top 30 Favorite Pebble Watch Apps of All Time

Just Got My First Pebble Smartwatch, Now What?

I assumed that you have already purchased your very first Pebble smartwatch, that’s why you are here reading these post because you are looking for the best Pebble watch apps you can install to your device. Similar to any kind of device, definitely you need to install or download 3rd party software to pimp, empower, and maximize the use of your device.

It is natural and obviously a normal phenomenon that up to this point of time, you are still shaking from excitement with your latest wearable device and you’ve been searching for the past 24 hours online for the best Pebble watch applications that you can install, no matter if it’s a free or paid software. Pebble smartwatch by the way has its own appstore similar to Android’s Google Play and iOS store for Apple.

Most Downloaded Paid and Free Pebble Watch Apps

Pebble Auth

Two-Step authentication is a very popular security measure that you can used to protect your online accounts privacy, which is proven to be effective against potential threats.  Pebble Auth saves you time logging every accounts (Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Amazon.) you have, it will set-up a two-factor authentication code right on the watch, so you don’t need to take out your phone anymore.

Cards for Pebble

Did you know that you can only install eight apps on 1st generation Pebble firmware and you need to choose an app to delete, before you can install a new one. Cards for Pebble is  powerful smartwatch app that brings customizable cards to the popular smart watch, because it bundles in several different functions in the watch face, such as calendars, weather, and etc. Pebble users must update their watch’s firmware to 2.0 beta before they can install this app.


Dashboard for Pebble is also a recommended app which is quite similar to drop down panel on Android devices, giving you easy access to functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, sound profile (meeting, silent, general), display remaining battery life, and so on.

Battery Life

Pebble watch that came out first doesn’t have battery life indicator by default and this is really annoying, unless you get a specific watch face that has this battery information displayed to check out the remaining juice. If you were not able to download a watch face, you can try this one now.


This app is one of the best for Pebble Time as it can be integrated right into the Pebble Timeline UI. You can get advanced battery metrics using Battery+such as time of last charged, estimated time usage for the remaining battery juice, graph showing detailed battery consumption, and basic features like percentage and time metrics, etc.


This smartwatch app is related to the battery life not displaying issue above, because by default Pebble only displays the time. So you really need to install a piece of software for it to display other important information such as messages, calendar, weather and etc.


Well this is self-explanatory, it is a popular payment processor online and once installed on your Pebble, you can generate a QR code that when scanned, deducts the funds automatically to your PayPal account. Imagine, you can use it anywhere as long as the Pebble smartwatch straps on your wrist. Take note, you don’t need a smartphone connection to initiate a transaction using this awesome Pebble and PayPal combo. The dedicated app has also the capability to search for physical stores where it is accepted.


Using Yelp app, you can easily find businesses near you that includes restaurants, drugstores, shopping malls, entertainment and other business that offers different services. There is also a unique gesture programmed to it, like when you twist your wrist and a random, nearby suggestion will be displayed.

Trip Advisor

Trip advisor features navigation mode that will point you to the location of your chosen business using your smartwatch alone.  This business-centered app is compatible on any models of Pebble, and similar to Yelp, it will find the best establishments using your current location, that includes restaurants, bars and other main attractions in the city and etc.


JavaPay for Pebble can be used for showing QR codes which can be used on StarBucks, serving like a loyalty card. As of now, there is no official StarBucks app for Pebble, but this app can help you for the mean time.


This app is very helpful and a recommended app for office workers who commutes everyday. The app will inform you when the next bus is coming so you will not miss the trip. Be sure it is configured on the city where you lives. The CatchOneBus is tried and tested in Seattle and New York.


Evernote for Pebble lets you access your content stored on your account using multiple devices. Once synced with the Pebble watch, you will gain access for every shortcuts, links, notes contacts, email and many more that you personal stored on your account.


Maptastic is another helpful and indeed useful app you can install on your Pebble wearable gadget as it offers a huge list of potential map data sources, with zoom in and zoom out, and scroll features similar to Google Map. Not to mentioned that it really look great in full color using the Pebble Time.


Pebble smartwatch by default does not have fitness tracker or health related application similar to wearable devices that is built for that specific purpose. Once you have installed the Misfit, your device will have an activity and sleep tracker , which can be synced on the smartphone version of Misfit app and on their website.


Runkeeper, is a perfect app for athletes and sport enthusiast as it can sync all of your daily activities such as runs, walks, and even hikes to the cloud using the RunKeeper app on your smartphone.

Toggles for Pebble ($1.49)

Toggles for Pebble lets you toggle some of the settings of your smartwatch such a turning on and off the Wi-Fi, switching to silent mode on your smartphone, turn on a flashlight, and even locate your lost device inside the home if you accidentally misplace it by few taps on the screen.Sounds really hand right?

Weather Radar

If you have downloaded a few Pebble smartwatch faces then probably you have already used similar app like this. One of the cool feature of this app is that it can give your device a precise weather reports such us “it is going to rain” by looking at its color radar map. Installing this app gives you a little bit hassle, but after that when you see the animated weather radar images, you will thank me for that.


If you are a member of Foursquare and used it daily, then you might want to add this too on your Pebble. The app lets you peek on your Foursquare account using the smartwatch without the need to get your smartphone on your pocket.

Twebble Twitter updates and feeds straight from your Pebble using Twebble. Morpheuz

This alarm application syncs with Apple’s Healthkit platform and uses Pebble’s accelerometer to track your sleep pattern and directly display this information into your smartphone. You just need to set a time range when you need to wake up and Morpheuz will do its job.

Dominos Pizza Tracker If you can’t live without Pizza, then this simple app is for you. What this app do is – it stream updates from either Android or iOS smartphone using a companion app and display the needed information such as order tracking directly to your Pebble watch in real time. Hueble Huebble for Pebble lets you switch on and off the light bulbs at home with a few taps on your smartwatch. You can load your favorite presets and even cycling through all the available colors of the bulb and adjust the brightness options. Pebble Nav (1.99 USD)

Pebble Nav is another great app that you can add to your list. It will help you navigate around busy streets using your smartwatch. Although having a smaller screen needs a lot of scrolling to do before you can see the actual place that you are looking for. Also, it is hard for you to have a birds eye view of the route or patch that you will take, fro you to get to that particular place.

Pebble Nav anticipated these scenarios and they ended up showing only the next action, let say for example you are on this particular street and it will only display turn left in 30-yards for example, so the screen isn’t bogged down with information as messy as you imagine.

The Pebble Nav maps have all been specially built for the greyscale display, as I’m sure you are now aware that only Pebble Time supports full color.  Before I forget, other cool thing about this app – it will buzz your wrist right before you need to turn and you don’t even need to keep an eye on your smartphone and the watch itself. This could be possible happen when you are walking as you too focus on the road and forget to check every details on the map.

If you are on a bike, it can be pretty handy. Just strap your Pebble gear to the handlebars and it’ll guide you on the right direction.

Kronos (2.99USD) Kronos for Pebble lets you control a Sonos Music System. You can also change tracks, queue the next music, and even adjust the volumes with a few taps on the smarwatch. In simple word, your Pebble will become the remote control. The only cons I’ve found is that you need to access the Kronos Mobile app because you can use your Pebble watch Kronos app. AeroTracker Pro (1.99 USD)

AeroTracker is an advanced fitness tracker application for Pebble that utilizes GPS connectivity on your smartphone to accurately track the distance, speed, walk, and run time.  In addition it can also display heart rate monitor, which other fitness-centered apps is lacking.

  Music Boss (2.99 USD)

Have you noticed that Pebble can only use a single app when playing music track? for example you have Spotify and PocketCasts, you need to select first which one you prefer to use via settings menu before you can use the remote function. Music Boss fix this issue by automatically switching to the app that you most prefer.

Pebble Time can utilize this awesome music application because it is available in full color and only Pebble Time supports that feature. Music Boss lets you rate songs on Google Play Music, control a Chromecast using Pebble, and  gives you a an entry pass to a wide selection of media application for your device.

Pebble Transport

Familiar with Uber? Uber Technologies Inc. is an American international transportation network company that can easily connects you with a driver in minutes. Basically, what they do is they can get you a taxi, a private car through mobile. Pebble Transport basically do the same thing, but instead of smartphone you will use your Pebble Time.

Weather A basic, straight to the point weather app for Pebble. You can display today’s forecast weather or a five-day weather forecast for example you are about to move from a different place for the whole week and still want to know these particular details. 91 Dub V2.0

91 Dub V2.0 is a cool smartwatch face that you can install in Pebble. It features a retro digital Timex theme with blinking colon, if you can imagine it that’s how it shows from the screen. At this point of time there are hundreds or thousands of watch faces with different designs available in the Pebble Store. It is still up to you which one do you prefer.

UP for Pebble

Jawbone, the creator of UP fitness tracker is one of the best from its kind and they have released a watch face that can be installed for smartwatches like the one dedicated for Pebble and it will use the device built-in sensors to track your fitness activities. UP for Pebble lets you tracks your sleep, steps, calories burned, and even display the current status on the program you have set for yourself. These data will be forwarded back to the companion app for either iOS or Android, depending on the device you are using.

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