Parrot AR Drone Wi-Fi Helicopter


Parrot one of the best electronics maker has rolled out its latest technology, introducing the new AR.Drone. This newest technology is a Wi-Fi helicopter integrated with dual cameras and augmented-reality video streaming, that you control using your handheld device, either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

The said technology has been demonstrated at the 2010 CES exhibit in Las Vegas. The AR.Drone is powered by four rotors with an interchangeable hulls so that it can lift itself and fly both indoors and outside. This latest technology is full of awesome features including a built-in flight stabilization technology that keeps the drone steady while you use your iPhone’s motion sensors to steer it remotely over the craft’s Wi-Fi network.  Parrot hopes to make the AR.Drone available in the second half of 2010. This latest gadget is still in the prototype stage, and there’s no word yet on pricing. For more information visit

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