Parent Mimicking Automatic Baby Rocker

The Parent Mimicking Baby Rocker is the best gadget that you can buy for your cute little baby while you are away from home. This motorized baby rocker can imitate the swaying motion when you carry your baby in your arms, thus your baby can fell asleep as if it’s done with an actual mother’s care.

The common problem of parents who goes to office to work is where and who will take care of their babies, some will hire baby sitter, others will leave their babies to their relatives. If there are other people living in your home then why not look for this cool baby gadget.

Just give the instructions to your eldest son or daughter on how to operate the rocker and that’s it. She/he will not be having hard time taking care of his little brother/sister because it will imitate the usual way of holding and swaying of our mother’s hand to comfort their cute little babies.

The Parent Mimicking Baby Rocker has an LCD screen to select different programs or speed options for the rocker. It has 5 nature sounds and has the option for mp3 player input so you could play her favorite lullaby. It has 3-point straps to secure your baby and a washable black nylon fabric seat and a revolving mobile with smart balls that pop out nicely to entertain the infants.

Here is the promotional video of the Parent Mimicking Baby Rocker.

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