PaPiRus eInk Display for Raspberry Pi Project

I have good news for all Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to add a low power display to your project. Introducing PaPiRus ePaper screen HAT for Raspberry Pi systems, this display utilized eInk/ePaper display technology which is said to conserve energy on your project systems as it only require a very small amount of power but still efficient in displaying text/images of your project even under the sunlight.

The PaPiRus Raspberry Pi eInk display is available in 1.44 to 2.7-inch of size and it is capable of displaying text and images indefinitely even without electricity. This new display technology is perfect to the Raspberry Pi model B and later model, instead of using external LCD or LED monitors especially if you are just going to use your tech project as a downloader/streamer or media player.

The PaPiRus project was announced on a Kickstarter crowd funding website to raise the £5,000 goal funds needed to make the jump from concept to production. As of today, they have already got their target funds and already exceeded with £13,000 pledged.

While waiting for PaPiRus for Raspberry Pi, you can also check these alternative energy-efficient displays for Raspberry Pi single board.

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