On the Go (OTG) 3-way Flash Drive with Extra Battery Juice Pack


What is OTG?

OTG is the world’s first 3-way integrated flash drive that can sync to Mac and PC on-the-go and also be used as a battery pack for your iOS and Android device when you need some extra juice.

Battery packs and power banks are very in demand nowadays, but this product is on a different level. It was recently launched on Indiegogo and its encased in aluminum for durability with built-in Lightning connector, micro USB connector, and USB 3.0 interface for you to transfer data from PC to the OTG and vice versa.

In terms of battery capacity, the OTG has only 1000mAh which I can say is good for emergency use only as majority of smartphones has battery capacities of 2200-2800mAh so that’ll give you almost half of battery juice for extended usage of your device.

OTG Availability and Pricing

The OTG flash drive will be available in three different storage capacities, such as 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. You can preorder now starting at $199 for the 32GB and $349 for the 128GB. But you can get it at a cheaper price if you will pledge to their campaign on IndieGoGo, with prices starting at $109. There’s still 30 days left in the campaign where they need to raise the $50,000 goal. Click here for more information.

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