Olympus X-560WP and T100 Digital Cameras

Olympus has just announced its two latest digital camera models dubbed as X-560WP and T100. The X560 WP features a 10-megapixel camera and the camera itself is waterproof and can be submerge in 10 meter dept of water without any problems. It has a 3x optical zoom with Advanced Face Detection technology so it can track 16 faces at the time. It is said that the X560 WP can capture clear and sharp images with its high ISO which comes in 18 shooting modes.

On the other hand the T100 features a 12 megapixel sensor with the same optical zoom but now it has a auto focus function for easy capture of moving objects. The T100 has 21 shooting modes compare to the 18 of the X560 WP and has face detection that can detect up to 12 faces on a photo. The X560 WP is said to have a price of around $160 while the T100 has no price information yet.

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