Nvidia Shield TV Lets You Play Games and Stream 4K Videos


Nvidia has launched its newest Shield TV in United Kingdom and Europe. This awesome device is quite similar to Apple 2015 TV where in the user can watch and stream video and at the same time play good title games using its hardware.

What’s powering the Nvidia Shield TV include a Tegra X1 processor paired with 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot and also have USB 3.0 ports if you want to increase its memory using external drives or similar device. The 16GB variant is priced at £150 and £230 for the 500GB? I’m not very sure about these pricing details as it seems that the 500GB variant is way cheaper if we will try to calculate it by storage it can handle. For additional 80 GBP, for sure I’m going to buy the one with the large storage capacity.

Other important details when you purchase the 2015 Nvidia Shield TV is that = there are available add-ons which you can buy additionally including a Shield controller, Shield Remote, Shield accessories which are currently priced at a budget-friendly £25-£40, respectively.

My last words regarding the device – if you are looking for a kind of a set top box system that can be used for gaming and is capable of playing 4K Ultra HD content through streaming apps such as Netflix, Plex, Kodi, and YouTube, then the Shield TV by Nvidia is one of your best choice. Make sure that your HDTV is 4K resolution for you to maximize this awesome device in terms of graphics, and also during the announcement there will be additional service from Nvidia, called Geforce Now that allow its subscribers to enjoy a huge online game catalogue of 60 PC games which they can stream directly using their Nvidia hardware up to 60 frames per second in Full HD display.

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