NuDock Apple Watch and iPhone Dock with Smart LED Lights


A few days ago, I’ve posted Mophie’s charging dock for Apple’s wearable gadget featuring minimalist design. Today, I’m going to share a new docking station not only for the Apple Watch but also for your iPhone called NuDock.

NuDock docking station can hold and charge your Apple Watch and at the same time charge your iPhone. There is also an extra charging port at the back to charge any other USB device. This new docking station in addition has also smart LED light which can be used when you are working in your desk at night. LEDs brightness can be adjusted using its touch sensitive controls.

The creators of the said dock station already got the funds that they needed via crowdsourcing site Indiegogo with a goal of $30,000. For more information regarding NuDock Apple Watch dock check the link below.

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