Navdy Heads-Up Display (HUD) For Your Car


What is Navdy?

Navdy is a Heads-up Display (HUD) for any car produced in 1996 that allows drivers to access their smartphone’s applications such as messaging, answering calls, social media updates, and etc while keeping their eyes on the road.

The company was  based in the SOMA District of San Francisco and its founded by entrepreneur Doug Simpson with professional support from a veteran team.

Heads-up Display History

Automotive head-up displays were only available to high-end luxury cars before and it was just a few years ago when it was used on some affordable car model like the latest Mini Cooper.

Navdy is a start-up from San Francisco and the company claims that this latest technology will allow users to access their smartphone apps even while driving without the need to remove their hands from steering wheel. I know most of you are aware that texting behind the wheel is the leading cause of teen driver death surpassing even drinking and driving.

How Navdy Works?

Navdy device sits on the dashboard of your car and it uses a super bright projector to display images and other data like GPS directions, phone calls, messages to a 5-inch screen. Navdy device links with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and also supports voice and gesture commands for answering up calls, texting, making calls, reading text messages, posting social media updates and other stuff.

Here’s the promotional video of Navdy:

Navdy Availability and Price

Navdy is currently priced at $299 for the first 30-days and will be sold for its original price of $499 after that. Pre-orders for the Navdy are available now with shipments starting in early 2015. According to Navdy Facebook page, they will ship this latest technology anywhere in the world even in the Philippines with additional cost of course. Orders outside the US are subject to an additional $10 shipping fee.

To find more information about Navdy, you can head directly to their website or email them.

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