Mushkin ProSpec Enterprise SSDs


Mushkin has launched its latest technology, the ProSpec Enterprise SSDs. This new storage device comes in different capacities ranging from 100GB to 400GB. The new solid-state drives use the Sandforce SF-2582 processor, equipped with either eMLC or MLC NAND Flash memory chips, and a SATA 6.0 Gbps interface. The new Mushkin ProSpec SSD also features 128-bit AES hardware encryption and comes with Mushkin’s own Power Safe Technology which provides enhanced power-loss data protection through hardware and firmware based features.

Designed for the enterprise environment, Mushkin’s ProSpec SSDs deliver random read/write performance of 80K/42K IOPS and a sustained transfer rate of 560MB per second. Pricing is not yet available. Pricing information and availability is still unknown for the moment.

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