MSI SyrenPhone Gaming Headphone


For all the gamers out there, here is a new techie headphone created by MSI netbook manufacturer, SyrenPhones Gaming Headphones for the hard core players.

MSI SyrenPhone Gaming headphone contains unique G Logo Power indicator that has gold plated USB interface to eliminate noise up to 100Hhz from the on-board audio and to deliver better and sharp sound quality.

To enhance your gaming experience, SyrenPhone Gaming has the adjustable head band and soft ear pads that fulfills the comfort level. The users can also operate the volume directly through the in-line volume control function.


• Digital audio for PC games and music.
• High sensitivity offers outstanding deep resonating bass.
• Comfortable long time wear with soft velvet ear pads.
• Noise Reduction up to 100 Hz, Clear communication.
• Hi-tech 40mm driver magnet provides clear sound reproduction.
• The inline volume control with the microphone mute function can be accessed easily, without you losing focus on your games.

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