MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition Graphics Card

MSI has officially released its latest graphics card based on AMD’s 28nm Radeon HD 7970 GPU, the MSI R7970 Lightning. The MSI R7970 Lightning features 2048 Stream Processors, a 384-bit memory interface, a core clock of 1070MHz (1150MHz Boost Clock) and a 3GB of GDDR5 memory set @ 6000MHz. The MSI R7970 also sports all new unlocked Digital Power Architecture capable on unlocking BIOS, military class III components, an Enhanced Power Design to make overclocking better and faster, and a Digital PWM Controller.

The major problem in achieving high frequencies is heat, that’s why MSI employs the fourth generation Twin Frozr cooling solution: heatsink, a massive dual-fan cooler, which is more than capable of dissipating any heat thrown its way. Latest addition to the Lightning 7970 is an expansion board dubbed GPU Reactor — this promises cleaner power, which can be critical when squeezing that last few MHz out of a card. Furthermore, due to the increased width the GPU Reactor adds to the rear of the card, it has to be removed when the cards are placed in three or four-way CrossFire configurations.

The MSI R7970 Lightning has 1x DVI-D, 1x DVI-I and 4x mini DisplayPort outputs. The MSI R7970 Lightning BE sells for 55,000 Yen (about $697).

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