MSI N770GTX Twin Frozr 4S OC FFXIV Graphics Card


MSI has unveiled its latest technology called MSI N770GTX Twin Frozr 4S OC FFXIV graphics card that comes with a free download coupon of Final Fantasy XIV: Shinsei Eoruzea. The N770GTX Twin Frozr 4S OC FFXIV features a 256-bit memory interface with a core clock of 1058MHz (Boost Clock 1111MHz) and a 2GB of GDDR5 memory set @ 7010MHz. It will also have a gaming app where users can overclock the GPU with ease. It has three modes in total: Gaming Mode which overclocks the GPU a bit and adjusts the fan speed, Eco Mode which actually reduces core clocks and fan speed and Default Mode which sets it back to factory settings. You can simply switch between the three modes to match the performance requirements with just a single click. The card is available now for 44,980 Yen (about $435).

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