Mophie Powerstation Duo/Mini Battery Juice Pack

Battery packs are one of the most important devices you should bring wherever you are, because running out of battery on your android device or tablet while working on something (presenting on a business, surfing the net, and etc.) is really disappointing and irritating. To prevent this scenario, Mophie has announced two of its latest technology, the Powerstation Duo and Powerstation Mini juice pack. Both of these devices can recharge a wide range of gadgets from iOS to Android devices.

Powerstation Duo comes with 6000mAh battery, two USB ports and capable of switching between 500mAh, 1A and 2.1A charge, so you can easily charge two gadgets at the same time. As for Powerstation Mini, it has 2500mAh battery and much slimmer than the Duo version, and it is made to bring on approximately 150 percent of your gadgets’ battery life with its whooping 1.0 amp high-output USB port for “ultra-fast” charging. Both of these portable batteries have black soft-touch finish exterior and stainless steel outer band,  short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection, LED power indicator and micro USB port so you can recharge it using wall outlet or computer USB port. The Powerstation Duo will cost you $99 and $59.95 for the Mini.

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