Microsoft’s Latest Bluetooth Slim Keyboard


Microsoft has unveiled its latest computer peripheral, the BMK6000 Bluetooth Slim Type Keyboard. This latest device is made exclusively for Bluetooth notebook and desktop computers. Projections show that over 55 percent of notebook PCs will ship with Bluetooth by the end of 2010. The keyboard uses a Comfort Curve design for a more ergonomic typing experience over the straight keyboard layout of notebook computers. Microsoft’s Comfort Curve design encourages natural wrist posture with a slight 6-degree curve that is easy to use with virtually no learning curve.

The Number Pad (Numpad) follows the same super-thin design and offers something only the larger screen laptops usually has. The two peripherals combined with a wireless Bluetooth connection attempt to make it as easy as possible to just slip them into a bag and not even know they are there. The keyboard cost $89.95 and additional $44.95 for the numpad. No specific measurements are stated in the press release though, it just says, “a few millimeters thicker than a AAA battery at the back.”

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