Microsoft Kin Tiny Mobile Phones

Microsoft has announced its two latest Kin Tiny Mobile Phones dubbed as Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two. The KIN ONE is the small, portrait slider while the KIN TWO is the larger landscape slider. Another difference is that the KIN ONE has a one-hand friendly keyboard with a 5MP camera and has has just 4GB of storage capacity while the KIN TWO has more conventional shape, has an 8MP camera, it can shoots High Definition video instead of SD and has a storage capacity of 8GB. But they also have their similarities like this tiny mobile phones are very much intended for social networking because it can gives you easy access to various social networking sites. They also has both windows operating system so that the users are allowed to operate almost similar to their computer system.

Aside from that they are both touchscreen enabled and has a QWERTY keypad. Their other features includes Microsoft’s music service, Zune and camera. This two Microsoft Kin Tiny Mobile  Phones are now available at  Verizon’s online. The KIN ONE is available at a retail price of $49.99 while the KIN TWO costs $99.99.

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