Lian Li PC-V1020/PC-V2120 System Cases

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched its latest premium desktop system cases called PC-V1020 and PC-V2120. These cases are the newest addition on its line of V series. The full-tower PC-V2120 can support HPTX motherboards, several hard drives, and 11 expansion cards with a length of 355mm. While the V1020 can support four 5.25-inch drives, seven 3.5-inch drives, one 2.5-inch drive and up to 8 expansion cards. For better cooling, it has two 140mm blue/red front intake fans, one 140mm top fan, and one 120mm rear fan. Both cases have the same I/O, including four USB 3.0, one eSATA, and HD audio ports. They have also wheels to make transferring from one place to another easier, slick removable MOBO tray, a hole for quick access to the processor and slits for cable management.

The V1020 has a price tag of $289-$349 depending on the color purchased. There are 3 colors available: silver, black and red, while the V2120 price ranges from $459 to $539.

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