Lian Li DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk PC Chassis


Lian Li is a well-known company that creates unique desktop system cases and a few months ago I’ve featured their wall mounted water cooling-ready cases here in my blog.

Today they have announced their latest addition to its desk case lineup, dubbed as the DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk Case.

What’s unique about this case by Lian Li is that it double as a table or work station. I still remember when one of my friend created his own DIY Desk case made from acrylic glass and it was really amazing. Imagine when you can save some space at your desk because the desk itself house your system unit and its peripherals.

Lian Li DK-Q2 and DK-03 are both made from durable aluminum body with tempered glass surface with a removable tray for easy installation and removal of component that the users will add on their system. These cases have also front panel with USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, water cooling ready, 4 X 120mm fans to cool the system and use of 90 degree orientation riser cables to fit the graphics card on the desk case (supports up to two GPU).

The main different between the DK-Q2 and DK-03 is that – DK-Q2 can house a single system while the other can store up to two units at the same time.

Lian Li DK-Q2 is currently priced at around $990 while the DK-03 is priced at $1,490 and will go on sale by the end of this month In US and mid-August in the UK.

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