LG MP76 Premium IPS Monitor

LG-MP76-IPS-MonitorLG Electronics (LG) today announced its latest display technology called MP76 IPS monitor. This premium IPS monitor features a 24-inch which combines a Crystal Float Stand and LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design that makes a bold, eye-catching statement. Other advance feature of the monitor includes Flicker-Safe technology to protect the viewer from potential eye discomfort, and Reader Mode which would transform the background of any image to resemble that of paper, helping reduce eye strain for comfortable viewing experience.

“The MP76 strikes the perfect balance between modern design, superb picture quality and comfort-enhancing functionality,” said Hyoung-sei Park, head of the IT Business Division at LG Electronics. “LG will continue to create premium monitors to meet the changing needs of consumers in the home and in the office.”

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