LG Kizon – Perfect Wearable Gadget For Your Kids

LG has launched its latest addition to its wearable gadgets, the LG Kizon. This wearable gadget is designed for kids particularly for the pre-school children allowing their parents to track them by using GPS and Wi-Fi technology built-in to this device and the information will be displayed on a smartphone or a tablet.


If parents are getting worried about their children, they can press the one step direct call button to contact their children immediately. The good thing about this gadget is when the kid fails to answer the parents call, after 10 seconds the LG Kizon will automatically connect the call so the parent can listen using the built-in microphone on the Kizon.

The LG Kizon specs include a 64MB of RAM and 125MB of ROM, and it is juice up with a 400 mAh battery. LG says the device can lasts 36 hours on a full charge, and they will be notified through their smartphones when battery life falls below 25 percent. The Kizon is already available in South Korea and it will be available in the U.S. and Europe in 3rd quarter. It will be available in blue, pink and green.

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