LG 18-Inch Flexible Transparent OLED Display


LG has revealed its latest technology in a form of an 18-inch Flexible Transparent OLED Display. If you were following LG’s creation for the past weeks it was more of wearable gadgets but now it’s a real innovation in their displays. Remember their first smartphone that has a flexible OLED display? The LG G Flex smartphone which was announced a few months ago or last year, I forgot the exact date. It will be interesting to see how this kind of display technology is developed, to be use on their HDTV’s in the future.

The flexible 18-inch OLED display has a fairly low resolution of 1280×810 compared to most IPS and LED monitors released in the market, though this one is really unique in a way that – it can be rolled up into a tight cylinder with a radius of just 3 centimeters (1.2 inches). As of now there are no exact information about its released date and pricing.

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