Lewihe Play 3D Fully-Customizable 3D printer Kit


Lewihe has unveiled its latest fully-customizable 3D printer kit called Play 3D. This affordable 3D printer is indeed one of the cheapest I’ve ever seen having a price tag of only $77. Build your own 3D printer when you purchase the Play 3D as you can choose every 3D printer parts that you wish to add on the system.

“Makers edition, do it yourself and choose your components. Mount with or without heat bed, whatever electronics, extruder or hot end, it’s your choice!”

Lewihe is a company located in Alicante, Spain and they became popular when they have announced their Sneaker 3D printer last October that can print flexible FilaFlex filament faster that any other desktop 3D printers which were available on the market back then.

If you don’t have enough experience with 3D printing machines, then you might want to consider purchasing a 3D printer model that is ready to use, because the Lewihe Play 3D printer is intended for individuals who want to custom build their own 3D printer.

I myself is planning to buy my very first 3D printer as I was really amaze how advanced our technology nowadays. I want to experiment and 3D print different objects or models and understand how does 3D printing work and how 3D printer parts move inside when you start printing.

The Play DIY 3D printer can now be pre-order with an unbelievable price of €69.00 (approximately $77) via Lewihe website and will start shipping by the month of August. Majority of 3D printer cost starts at $1000 depending on the brand and specific 3D printer models, especially the ones that are used in large businesses and designed by the popular 3D printing companies.

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