X-Mini MAX II Capsule Speakers

X-Mini Max Speaker

For all music lovers out there here’s a brand new audio technology that will suit your cravings for music. Introducing, the new X-Mini MAX II Capsule. This compact speaker is designed with ground-breaking accordion-like bass expansion system that perfectly imitates the features of a sub-woofer. In addition, around the bottom of each speaker you’ll find a power switch, an aux-in jack, a Mini-USB port, and an LED indicator light that tells when it is charging.

The light glows red during charging and blue when the modules are powered on. This new technology is very portable in the sense that you can always bring it almost everywhere. X-Mini MAX II is ideal for school dance rehearsals, sound tripping at the parties, office use or even enjoying high quality sound for your gaming console. Like most of mp3 players today that became smaller and smaller, it is reasonable to expect in having portable speakers like this new technology.

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