Latest Technology: Rubik’s TouchCube


It was in 1974 when Erno Rubik created the “Magic Cube”, wining the German Game of the Year award in 1980 and a special award for Best Puzzle. The Rubik’s Cube is the world’s top-selling puzzle game before and now it has been reinvented into a more stunning and exciting techie puzzle game. Introducing the Rubik’s TouchCube, the world’s first completely electronic solvable Rubik’s Cube designed, which is updated to the original game, and now uses lighted squares with the help of latest technology, touch sensors on all the six sides of the cube, and an accelerometer to provide the classic Rubik’s gameplay in a modern way. This latest technology has also a built-in speakers for addition fun and enjoyment, while solving this frustrating puzzle. This electronic cube cost $150.

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