Latest Technology News: LG CYON SB210 Phone For Golfers Unveiled


LG has unveiled its latest technology, the new LG CYON SB210 Phone which is designed mainly for Golf players. The LG Cyon features a 3 inches touch screen LCD display with 240 x 400 resolutions. It has a 3 megapixels camera with auto focus, DMB TV, a Acceleration sensors, a USB 2.0 port with PC syncing, and a 242MB storage capacity which can be expanded With the help of a micro SD memory card. The dimension of the phone is 111mm long, 55mm wide, 12.3mm thin and weigh 106 grams. The best feature of this handset is that, it has a GPS enabled function with a map data stored of 280 Korean domestic golf courses. Currently LG Cyon SB210 is available only in South Korea for around $539.

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