Latest Technology: Apple Magic Mouse


Apple has unleashed its latest technology, the new Apple Magic Mouse. This latest technology from apple features a multi-touch and gesture technology, and considered as the very first consumer mouse to have multi-touch capabilities which is really unique. Don’t worry if you think that it will just work on Mac, because it is now available for the Windows operating system, both officially and unofficially. First, Apple had to write a Windows driver for the Magic Mouse so that the device would continue working when the user booted the Mac in Windows mode, but now it can also work on standalone Windows machines.

The Apple Magic Mouse is connected via Bluetooth. The top side is a smooth surface made of a shiny clear acrylic plastic and the bottom side is a brushed aluminum base with two plastic rails that allows users to work in almost any surface. The mouse also comes with Laser-Tracking Engine, battery compartment (two AA batteries, which are included when the user buys this product).

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