Latest Laptop with Optimus-Enabled Technology: ASUS U30Jc

ASUS has announced its latest Optimus-Enabled laptop known as ASUS U30Jc. Do you have any idea what’s this Optimis thingy is? This feature will help the laptop perform at its peak in terms of graphical + processing rate of the CPU and the good thing about this technology is that the battery life of your laptop will still remain. I know you’ve read other topics about the usage in a laptop, while playing games or doing some multimedia stuff the battery life will become shorter because there are too many activities in that hardware part both graphics and processor. So this thing doesn’t apply to ASUS U30Jc due to Optimus-Enabled technology.

ASUS U30Jc features a 13.3-inch backlit LED display, and it uses a powerful 2.26Ghz Core i3-350M CPU together with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a awesome discrete GeForce GT310M graphics card. In terms of storage it has 320GB HDD, and a Optical drive. Connection wise it supports the latest WiFi-N, and it has HDMI output, webcam and a superb Altec Lansing speaker. ASUS U30Jc laptop will running Windows 7 OS, and thanks to the Optimus technology, you can get up to 9.5-hours of uninterrupted gaming using its 5600mAh battery. Price starts at of $900 when it becomes available.

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