Latest Huawei News: New Smartphones and Wearable Gadgets Revealed

Huawei has revealed its roadmap for this year and consumers can expect more of the company’s medium to high end range of smartphones as well as new wearable gadgets. Smartphones that will be released throughout this year are from these following line-ups: Mate Series, P Series, Honor Series, and G/Y Series.

From the slide shown below we can also expect newer models of Huawei’s tablets such as X and M tablet series. In addition, Huawei is also set to release its newest wearable gadgets and it looks like the company will release a fitness tracker band and an android wear watch which I guess will be equip with some unique features as the company CMO of devices Shao Yang was quoted as saying, “Different is very important. We are not trying to bring something similar,” when asked about the company’s wearable strategy.


As of now there are no specifics about the availability and pricing of their upcoming gadgets and gizmos. I’ll keep you posted and will update this page when information about pricing and release date is already available, but for the mean time we have to wait until the said MWC (Mobile World Congress) event takes place this coming March 1st.

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