Latest Gadgets: Leica X1 Digital Camera


Leica M9 has now released its latest version the new Leica X1. This new rangefinder camera is packed with excellent design and put on view characteristics which make this latest gadget unique from other digital cameras. It is designed by considering the ease and usefulness of the users.

The dimension of this latest gadget measures 60 x 124 x 32 mm, weighs just 286 g and has a LCD of 2.7 inches that supports the resolution of 230,000pixels.It was built with 50MB of memory so that you can store a vast amount of images and it uses USB 2.0 for fast transferring and sharing files with your friends. It can be easily handled and accessed by the users. The compact size of this device enables the users to hold it tightly in their hands and can simply click the images even with their single finger. This latest gadget is built with 12.2 mega pixels that you can easily capture distant object.

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