Latest Gadget: PQI Cool Drive U366 USB 3.0 flash drive


I think this latest gadget is one of the best year ender gadget that has been announced, aside from the latest camera I’ve posted days ago, the Samsung NX10 Hybrid Camera. Because this latest gadget is the very first attempt to use the USB 3.0 from the Taiwanese flash memory maker PQI. Lets welcome the new Cool Drive U366 which has a nice,and elegant aluminum exterior design with a clear plastic lid. The most notable feature of the USB 3.0 flash drive is the incredibly fast 5Gbps transfer rate, which, CrunchGear points out, was previously only achievable with an eSATA-powered thumb drive. The USB 3.0 speed is roughly ten (10) times faster than USB 2.0 transfer speeds. I know that you’re worrying whether this new gadget can work with your computer because you know it was set up for USB 3.0, so I’ll now tell you that you don’t have to worry because the PQI thumb-drives are backwards compatible with USB 2.0. PQI will be offering the U366 Cool Drives in three sizes, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. No pricing or release information was announced, but they’ll surely cost higher than USB 2.0.

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