Latest Gadget: Planex Wireless Router + Digital Photo Frame


Chinese Company, Planex has introduced its newest gadget which combines the power of networking technology and digital technology, called Planex MZK-WDPR. This latest gadget has 2 GB of internal memory, 1.5 for two-speaker sounds, and can connect to YouTube for videos and an FM tuner for radio. Pictures are shown in its 3.5-inch (320 x 240) display, and the gadget itself can provide you with WiFi Internet connectivity at the same time displaying the photos of your sweetest moments. Planex MZK-WDPR support different media formats, including MP3, WMA, JPEG, BMP, MPEG-1 / 4 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. The device measures 193mm x 130mm x 119mm and weighs 450grams,and its compatible with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and Mac OSX. It is now available at a retail price of 24,800 yen ($ 275).

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