Latest Gadget: Chargepod V2 All around Charger and Hub


Here comes a handy travel gadget, the new Chargepod V2 from Callpod. This latest gadget is an all around charger for your gadgets and devices. Aside from the usual cell phone and USB-powered device charging, the V2 is also capable of charging a notebook (Mac or PC), a portable DVD-player, a camera battery, or other gadgets that needs to be recharge. It works as a USB hub, too, so you can sync your iPhone or upload photos as you charge. The Chargepod is the new innovation in hub devices and might replace the old hubs and chargers in the future because this gadget can do all the responsibilities of a hub, not only that but they also charge them which is really cool. The Chargepod V2 is now available with a price of $200, plus additional $10 for the extra cable-tips for your devices.

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