Coolit Domino A.L.C. CPU Cooler

The CoolIT Domino A.L.C. (Advanced Liquid Cooling) CPU Cooler is a new cooling technology for computer systems which uses liquid by efficiently transporting damaging heat away from the CPU as well as reducing overall chassis temperature levels. The system provides incredible thermal headroom, keeping pace with advances in processor technology and thus supporting the ability to maximize the performance of high performance PCs.

It was also taken on a system running one of the central processing units of treatment hotter on the market, the QX9770. The other thing is the system was 100% stable at a clock speed of 4.4GHz while the Domino was installed. The unit functions for a very reasonable price of $79 which is practically unknown for a cooler cooled by a liquid of central processing unit of treatment. Installation and setup couldn’t be easier. I must say that the cooler of domino ALC completes work that CoolIT conceived it for very well, and is good in value the purchase as it comes with all necessary for the last interfaces from central processing unit from treatment including/understanding the LGA-1366.


  • User Interface – High contrast backlit LCD displaying system status and operation mode. Easily accessible push button for configuring operation modes and temperature scale audible alarm for system status alerts.
  • Superior Cooling Performance through Technology – Domino advanced Liquid Cooling employs the liquid advantage of efficiently transporting damaging heat away from the CPU. Unlike comparably priced heat pipe solutions, the system provides incredible thermal headroom to keep pace with advances in processor technology.
  • Intuitive & Easily Accessible User Controls & Display – Domino ALC provides the ability to switch between three operation modes – from whisper quiet to maximum cooling – at the simple push of a button. In all mode, the micro-controller auto-regulates the system to ensure continuous protection for maintaining CPU reliability. With the unique integrated LCD display, the user can quickly see the status of the system.
  • Quite Work & Play Environment – Innovative system utilizing CoolIT’s new, advanced pump with integrated temperature sensor quietly cools excessive temperatures so the full potential of high-end PCs can be realized without sacrificing a quite environment.
  • Quick to Install into any Chassis – Extremely compact Domino ALC comes pre-assembled making it easy to install into any chassis with a few simple steps. Unlike heavy heat pipe solutions, the 122g CPU fluid heat exchanger exerts little weight on the motherboard keeping the solution well below the maximums specified by the Intel and AMD.
  • Over 50,000 Hours – A pre-filled, factory sealed, liquid loop of carefully chosen components offers years of maintenance-free cooling. 2 Year Manufacture Warranty.

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